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Press Release:
   Germinator is Pleased to Add Dr. Roscoe Moore, Jr. to the Germinator Scientific Advisory Board (SAB)
   TexBuy Purchasing Cooperative Awards Germinator Mobile Sanitizing and Disinfecting with a Vendor Contract
   The Germinator Presents Their Breakthrough Scientifically Proven Sanitizing Technology

   A Parent's Worst Nightmare: Opening Their Children's Sports Bags
   Allergy Triggers Are Hidden Everywhere -- Is One Of These Making You Sneeze? You May Need Germinator Mobile Sanitizing.
   Cleaning, Disinfecting, and Sanitizing: Is There a Difference?
   Germ Removal Can Prevent MRSA Infections in Gyms
   Germ Removal In Healthcare Facilities: Is Ozone Sanitizing Necessary?
   Germinator Mobile Sanitizing is an ideal way to help maintain a healthy home that feels and smells clean
   Germinator Shares KHQ's Story on Wearing Masks vs No Masks
   Germs Thrive at the Office, Too! Is Your Health at Risk?
   Hidden Nasties in Hotel Rooms: 11 Items That May Need Bacteria Removal
   How to Eliminate the Germs in Your Video Game Controllers with Electronic Equipment Sanitizing
   If You Think Playgrounds Are Cleaner Than Public Restrooms, Think Again!
   MRSA Is a Threat. Learn How to Thwart It with Ozone Sanitizing
   Ozone Sanitizing: The Treatment Your Sports Gear Deserve and Needs
   Privacy Curtains Can Help Spread Germs in Medical Facilities
   Proactive Sanitizing: Keep Your Customers Safe at All Times
   Residential Sanitizing Can Help You Create an Allergen-Free Home
   Restaurants Make You Sick? Discover How Ozone Sanitizing Can Help
   Sleeping with the Enemy? You May Need a Mattress Sanitizing
   The Creepy Truth About Why Libraries Need Germ Removal
   The Importance of Bacteria Removal for Your Pet's Bed
   Waiting room chairs, couches, toys and books should be sanitized periodically to cut down on germ transfer
   What Does Prophylactic Spray Do?
   Why Is It Important to Sanitize?
   Your Cell Phone Is Dirtier than You Think
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