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Residential Sanitizing

Germinator Mobile Sanitizing is an ideal way to help maintain a healthy home that feels and smells clean. Our residential home services can help with a variety of household problems, such as:
Mattresses: Are a breading ground for germs and allergens such as dustmites and the elimination they leave behind. We use a multi-tiered system to mattress sanitization. We first use a high powered vacuum to remove debris from the mattress which simultaneously killing germs and allergens with UV light that is 99.99% effective. We them apply an anti-microbial agent to your mattress which will keep your mattress virtually germ and allergen free for months.

Germs: If a family member is sick, Germinator Mobile Sanitizing can help stop the spread of illness by sanitizing items in your home that are too large or too difficult to sanitize, such as mattresses, furniture, pillows and comforters.

Allergies: Germinator Mobile Sanitizing also helps bring relief to allergy sufferers. Our process kills dust mites.

Odors: Germinator Mobile Sanitizing is highly effective in eliminating pet odors, smoke, and numerous unpleasant odors in various household items.

Mold & Mildew: Germinator Mobile Sanitizing has a powerful ozone, heating and convection system that can not only sanitize, but dry items that have been damaged by moisture, humidity, or flooding. The advanced sanitizing technology will eliminate the musky scent of mold and mildew.

Flood Damage: With its powerful heating and convection system, Germinator Mobile Sanitizing can dry and sanitize items that have been affected by flooding. Many items that become wet can take days or even weeks to dry, if ever. Most of the time, these items will smell musty due to the growth of mold or mildew. Germinator Mobile Sanitizing not only has the ability to dry these items in a matter of hours, it will eliminate any contamination and odors that may take place as a result of the items becoming damp or wet. This can save you thousands in furniture and rug replacement.

Regular Maintenance: We provide a comprehensive and affordable maintenance plan for your entire home to keep it virtually hypoallergenic and germ free. Ask us about the details.

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