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April 03, 2018

The Germinator Presents Their Breakthrough Scientifically Proven Sanitizing Technology Picture of The Germinator's New State of the Art Sanitizing Technology

Atlanta, GA – (PRWEB – 04/03/2018 5:00 AM EST) Germinator Mobile Sanitizing is including three new state-of-the-art services for thorough sanitization: The Germovac, The Shield, and Genesis. The inclusion of these three new services is intended to broaden Germinator Mobile Sanitizing's...


July 18, 2016

Germs Thrive at the Office, Too! Is Your Health at Risk?

When people at work get sick, they blame factors outside of the office. One person got the flu because his child caught the flu at school, another had a stomach ache because of something he ate at home, and so on. Nobody ever says that he or she g...


July 11, 2016

Privacy Curtains Can Help Spread Germs in Medical Facilities

Germs have become a public health threat, and they can cause and transmit thousands of infections. These microorganisms are a silent menace that spread undetected to the most unexpected places and healthcare institutions, such as hospitals, which ...


July 04, 2016

Cleaning, Disinfecting, and Sanitizing: Is There a Difference?

There is a lot of misconception about the terms cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitizing, to the point that people use them interchangeably. This confusion can even lead to critical bad practices. Imagine if a doctor cleans a wound instead of disinf...


June 28, 2016

Germ Removal Can Prevent MRSA Infections in Gyms

We all know that exercise is good for your health. It strengthens your immune system, it's good for your heart, and it can help you reduce your weight. It can even lower your daily tensions, help you sleep better, and reduce the effects of aging. ...


June 20, 2016

The Creepy Truth About Why Libraries Need Germ Removal

When you go to a library to read a book, you're basically going to a comfortable, quiet place, with enough lighting to be able to engage in your reading. You will have long and tall shelves where the books are stored, mobile shelving, and racks, t...


June 13, 2016

Ozone Sanitizing: a Fast and Easy Way to Eliminate Bed Bugs (Part 2)

In our previous post, we talked about bed bugs, their characteristics, life cycle, where they hide, and signs of a bed bug infestation. In this new post, we will explain how to eliminate bed bugs and how a pest control specialist tested Tag.Link.P...


June 07, 2016

Ozone Sanitizing: a Fast and Easy Way to Eliminate Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are unique, small, brown ectoparasites that feed on human blood. They don't transmit diseases, but they have become a public health threat due to their fast expansion, their resistance to DDT and other pesticides, and the physical and psy...


June 03, 2016

How to Eliminate the Germs in Your Video Game Controllers with Electronic Equipment Sanitizing

Not all our house guests are visible to the naked eye. There is a group of unwelcome guests that reside in our home without us being aware of it, and in places we never thought possible, like our video game controllers. Have you ever been intrigue...


May 30, 2016

Residential Sanitizing Can Help You Create an Allergen-Free Home

Asthmatic people have very twitchy airways which can react to things called triggers. Triggers cause asthma symptoms like wheezing or coughing, or a person with asthma may develop a runny nose or itchy eyes. When an asthmatic person inhales an all...