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If you are looking for a safe, organic way to disinfect any surface in your home or business, Germinator has the technology. Our organic disinfectant is 99.9999% effective at destroying germs and bacteria. This powerful disinfectant is also safe for use around adults, children and pets.

Germinator's organic disinfectant a had been successfully used in schools, locker rooms, universities, stadiums and many other institutions to kill flu, norovirus, rhinoviruses, MRSA and various of other health threats. Another benefit to our organic disinfectant is its ability to destroy odors caused by bacteria as well as helping control the growth of mold.

We carefully apply our organic disinfectant by breaking it down to a micron level using atomizing technology. This assures accurate coverage and the most effective use of this potent organic disinfectant.

Our organic disinfectant and the equipment used to produce it are registered with the EPA and have been independently tested in university studies to prove their effectiveness. Combined with our shield antimicrobial for extended protection, Germinator provides arguably the most comprehensive sanitizing program in the industry.

f you are interested in our organic disinfecting services for residential or commercial locations, call us at 855-NO-GERMZ (664-3769). Also, fill out the form below to find out more about our services. Do not forget to follow us on Twitter @GerminatorMS and Instagram @GerminatorMS or like us on Facebook at Germinator Mobile Sanitizing.

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