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Furniture Sanitizing

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Unlike our furniture sanitizing services, traditional furniture cleaning is typically performed by carpet cleaners that do furniture cleaning as an "up-sell" or "add-on" business. Furniture sanitizing is usually not their specialty. They use the same method to clean your furniture as they do your carpets. This results in very wet furniture that may mildew if not given enough time to dry. In fact, if the house is humid, the furniture can stay damp for up to a week. However, even if furniture is cleaned properly and given proper time to dry, it does not yield the same results as furniture sanitizing.
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Germinator Mobile Sanitizing's furniture sanitizing uses an organic, dry process that harnesses our Germovac technology. The Germovac is a highly powered vacuum that emits ultra violet light onto your furniture, which kills 99.99% of all germs and bacteria on contact. This powerful furniture sanitizing tool also removes embedded allergens and particulate matter like dead skin, dust, dust mites, and their excrement.
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Matt L - Atlanta, GADecember 17, 2015

I used the germinator to sanitize lacrosse equipment that I have played in and haven't washed for years. The odor was horrible before going through the germinator, but after, the equipment was practically odorless. Highly recommend!!!

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Heavily used furniture like sofas and chairs need extended protection even after a furniture sanitizing service, which is why we treat all furniture with our antimicrobial Shield after using the Germovac. The Shield is an EPA-approved, safe, virtual bio-barrier that will continue destroying 99.99% of germs, bacteria, allergens, and dust mites for up to six months after your furniture sanitizing is done. So, the next time your furry friends join you on your sofa for a Netflix binge, you will still be protected. The "Shield" dries in 10 minutes and furniture may be used immediately after it dries.

If odors are also an issue, no problem. Germinator has you covered. Our furniture sanitizing service also provides our own organic disinfectant and deodorizer that kills 99.9999% of all bacteria and destroys odors on contact. With our furniture sanitizing services, there is sanitized and then there is Germinator sanitized.
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