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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Germinator Mobile Sanitizing specialize in?
We specialize in safe, organic and sustainable solutions for disinfecting, sanitizing and deodorizing.

What makes Germinator different from cleaning companies?
We are a remediation company. Unlike cleaning companies that focus on making areas look clean, we focus on eliminating germs and odors.

What makes Germinator unique from any other company?
First, Germinator is 100% focused on germ and odor control. It is all we do. Second, our combination of technologies is unlike anything the industry has ever seen.

What is Genesis?
Genesis is our machine that manufactures on site a powerful, but safe, organic disinfectant and deodorizer.

How effective is Genesis?
Genesis is 99.9999% effective in killing germs, this includes MRSA and C-Diff.

Can Genesis kill mold?

What is the GermoVac?
The GermoVac is a portable yet powerful vacuum that emits UV-C light so it sanitizes as it extracts particulate matter. It is extremely effective on soft surfaces such as mattresses, sofas and carpets where chemical spraying is not an option.

What is The Shield?
The Shield is our tail. It allows our sanitizing applications to last for an extended period of time so that you are protected longer.

Does The Shield Help control mold?

Who should use Germinator?
Everyone. We have a wide variety of commercial and residential clients from daycare centers, schools, offices, sports teams, veterinary clinics, transportation and nursing facilities.

When should I use Germinator?
We recommend calling us for 2 reasons. The first is if you have a germ outbreak like the flu, norovirus or an odor problem that you need treated. The second is to prevent outbreaks by having us come periodically to treat work or home spaces.

Are any of Germinator's processes toxic?
No. We pride ourselves on using the safest most effective technologies available.

Are Germinator's processes safe for my children and pest?
Absolutely. We use Genesis in many daycare centers to help control outbreaks. Genesis is also used to treat animals with infections and to disinfect their living spaces.

What is the cost for service?
Please call or email us to discuss your situation and we will discuss a strategy for solving you issues and how much it will cost.

How quickly can I go back to my office or home after you treat it.
In most cases immediately.