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Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Germinator?
The Germinator is the name we gave our state of the art, mobile sanitizing chamber.

What items can go into the Germinator to be sanitized?
Virtually any item may be placed in the Germinator including furniture, mattresses, rugs, even electronics like cell phones, laptops and key boards.

What items do most people want sanitized?
Mattresses, comforters, pillows, towels, rugs, curtains, couches, chairs, sports equipment, shoes, clothes and toys

Is there anything that you will not place in the Germinator?
Yes. Items that weigh over 150 pounds, people (that includes husbands) and pets.

How do I know the Germinator really works?
In a university of Georgia study, the technology used in the Germinator has been proven to be 99.9% effective in eliminating Norovirus in a 30 minute cycle. The technology has also been proven to be 99.9% effective against bacteria by an independent laboratory. The Germinator is a pest control device produced in an EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) registered facility. Germs are considered pests by EPA definition.

How does the Germinator sanitize items?
The Germinator is a mechanically sealed and locked chamber that uses a combination of heat and ozone to kill germs and pests.

Is the Germinator safe for my family and pets because I heard Ozone can be dangerous?
The Germinator is 100% safe. In fact, ozone is the most commonly used, liquid chemical free method of sanitizing in child day care centers. Moms love it because it has proven to reduce illnesses at the day care facilities that use it. Ozone should not be emitted in enclosed living spaces where humans and pets reside. The Germinator does not expose humans or pets to ozone at any time. It is used only in a sealed chamber which converts the ozone back to oxygen before the chamber can be open.

What is Ozone?
Ozone is a gas produced by the Earth's atmosphere by combining oxygen, ultra violet light (the sun) and an electrical charge (lightening). Ozone may be man made by combining oxygen, ultraviolet light and electricity.

What does ozone smell like?
Ozone is the smell many people detect following a rainstorm.

What is Ozone used for?
The Earth uses it as a filter for ultraviolet light. Many companies use it as a safe, chemical free way to sanitize bottling and food production plants. Many facilities where sanitizing is a top priority use ozone to keep areas sanitized.

Is it safe to be around the Germinator when it's operating?
Yes. The Germinator sanitizing chamber is a locked, sealed chamber that will automatically shut down if elevated ozone levels are detected outside the chamber.

Does the Germinator also eliminate odors in items?
Yes. The Germinator is also a deodorizer and should eliminate even stubborn odors.

Will my items be wet or damp when they come out of the Germinator?
No. They will be completely dry. They will only be wet or damp if they went into the chamber that way.

Are my items safe after they are sanitized?
Yes, they are 100% safe for use. The ozone used to sanitize you items is converted back to oxygen once the sanitizing cycle is complete. The Germinator is automatically sealed and locked until the cycle is completed.

What will my items smell like after they come out of the Germinator?
They will smell clean and fresh.

Does the Germinator kill lice and bedbugs?
Yes. The Germinator is highly effective in killing lice and bedbugs and is an EPA registered pest control device.

How long will my items remain sanitized after they come out of the Germinator?
That depends on the individual. How much exposure to contamination each item gets will determine how sanitary it will remain. But, you are starting fresh after the Germinator cycle is completed.

How often should I have The Germinator come to my home or business?
That is an individual preference. However, the more exposed items are to germs, bacteria, dust mites or pests such as lice and bedbugs, the more often you should sanitize. The most common is 1-4 times per year.

What makes Germinator so unique and a better option than competitors?
Besides offering multiple, state of the art sanitizing options which destroy germs quickly and effectively, we offer ongoing protection with our anti-microbial application that keeps items germs free for months. Sanitizing alone may not be enough because it only lasts as long the item is not re-introduced to contaminants. The anti-microbial extends the sanitized sate of the item.

How does your UV light system work?
We use a state of the art UV light and vacuum system. Our UV system kills 99.99% of germs, bacteria and allergens on contact while the powerful vacuum eliminates waste and debris left behind.

How does your anti-microbial system work?
We apply our anti-microbial solution using an electrostatic fogging system. This allows precise coverage of the surface so that it will be fully protected.

Is your anti-microbial safe for me, my family and my pets?
Yes. Our system is EPA registered and safe. In fact, you may already have it in your home. Many clothing, flooring and fabric manufacturers are incorporating it in the production process.

Can you apply your anti-microbial to any item including bathroom fixtures and counters?
Yes. We recommend applying it anywhere bacteria can migrate.

How often should I have the Germinator come to my home or business?
we recommend reapplication of our anti-microbial system 2-4 times annually combined with an annual sanitizing with our UV light system or ozone treatment.