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Day Care Sanitizing

What if you can increase your bottom line by doing something a few times a year that will drastically reduce the absenteeism of the children and teachers at your day care facility while reducing flu, noroviruses, or other illnesses that can be contracted when you forget to do your day care sanitizing?

What if you had a competitive edge over other day cares because you go the extra mile to protect your customer 's children by hiring the best day care sanitizing service?

Young children explore and share, even if it's unsanitary. Hey, they are kids. We do the best we can to protect them and keep them from getting sick. But no matter how hard we try, viruses and bacteria always seem to rear their ugly heads.
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Matt L - Atlanta, GADecember 17, 2015

I used the germinator to sanitize lacrosse equipment that I have played in and haven't washed for years. The odor was horrible before going through the germinator, but after, the equipment was practically odorless. Highly recommend!!!

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Germinator Mobile Sanitizing has created a day care sanitizing program geared toward being more aggressive than the germs themselves. We use a multi-stepped approach to day care sanitizing to help you maintain a heathy environment and reduce costly absenteeism caused by illnesses. Best of all, our day care sanitizing service is affordable and only needs to be done twice a year or if there is any hint of an outbreak.

Here is how our day care sanitizing works: Using a specially designed misting system, we apply our kid-safe, 100% organic, EPA-certified disinfectant to all surfaces, including toys, games, blankets, and pillows. The Germinator's disinfectant is an industry-leading product and is 99.99% effective at killing germs. It is even safe for food-preparation surfaces. The next step is to apply our safe, EPA-approved antimicrobial Shield to the same surfaces. This allows these products to continue killing 99.99% of germs for up to six months. Each of Germinator's day care sanitizing processes have been clinically proven to reduce illness. When combining the two services, you get the ultimate day care sanitizing protection.

Want an increased bottom line, powerful competitive edge, and outstanding reviews? If so, consider Germinator Mobile Sanitizing for all your day care sanitizing needs. We are the quick and easy solution that conveniently comes to you. Fill out the form below, or call us at 855-NO-GERMZ (664-3769) to set up a visit today!
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