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The Importance of Bacteria Removal for Your Pet's Bed

March 28, 2016

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Are you wondering why you need to take extra care of your pet's bed? If you are like most pet owners, your furry friend is a valued member of the family, with a bed, a blanket, some outfits, and a couple of toys. You take your pet outside to enjoy nature, to play with everything that catches its attention, or to enjoy a long and healthy walk. What you don't know is that your pet can easily get infested with bacteria, fleas, and ticks that are outside in the dirt and on tall grass, waiting for the opportunity to grab onto a passerby. Once in the house with your pet, the bacteria, germs, and even the fleas and the ticks spread into your home and hide in warm places like your pet's bed, toys, and even your furniture and linens.

No matter how many times you wash your pet's bed in the washing machine, bacteria and pests remain on the fabric, and the fleas and ticks find their way back to your four-legged friend, making your pet's life a real nightmare. So, if you see your dog or cat acting a bit nervous and scratching excessively, it is time to consider Bacteria Removal for your home. Your furry friend will appreciate it!

Bacteria growth is highest on warm and humid places like mattresses, and your pet's bed is no exception to that. It makes an excellent habitat for ticks and fleas that can easily reattach to your pet, causing lots of discomfort. Even if dog or cat has been treated for fleas and ticks, those pests can pass on severe diseases to you and the rest of your family members. With that being said, bacteria removal for your home is imperative to protect the health of your whole family.

You are probably thinking that if washing your pet's bed regularly and bathing your dog with chemical substances is not enough, then what can you do to keep your home bacteria-free and your two-legged and four-legged family members healthy? Your best option is to use a non-toxic bacteria removal service. A bacteria removal service uses ozone and heat technology to remove bacteria and destroy pests, like fleas and ticks, in a safe and natural way. Bacteria removal with our ozone sanitizing system is 100% organic, non-toxic, all natural, and works on household items as well as your pet's items. Ozone sanitizing is a process that uses ozone gas to penetrate the fabric, killing the bacteria and eliminating odors. The best part is that it sanitizes your pet's bed thoroughly – it even eliminates odors! Since ozone sanitizing doesn't use chemicals, it is safe to use it on all your pet's things as well as your furniture, children's toys, and other commonly used household items.

Ozone sanitizing is the most powerful disinfectant – it is 200 times stronger than chlorine. It is recognized as the preferred green sanitizer. It has no negative consequences for the environment, its operators, or the people and animals who use items that benefit from the disinfection process.
Removing bacteria from your pet's bed is a simple and fast process. Once the Germinator shows up at your house, we do all the hard work while you enjoy the results. Our process uses ozone and heat to sanitize and disinfect your pet's bed, blankets, and toys. According to university and independent laboratory studies, our sanitizing process eliminates 99.9% of harmful bacteria and viruses, and it also destroys bedbugs, lice, and dust mites. If that's not enough, our treatment is 100% non-toxic and completely safe for both children and pets!

Our goal is to create a healthier, safer, and more comfortable environment for you, your family, and your pets, so you can rest assured that your furry friend lives a happy and long life at your side. Call us today at 855-NO-GERMZ (664-3769) or fill out the form below to schedule a service with The Germinator!

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