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Sleeping with the Enemy? You May Need a Mattress Sanitizing

April 06, 2016

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Dust mites are the most common allergen found in dust. If you wake up sneezing and itching with watery eyes or a runny nose, you may be allergic to indoor pollutants, including dust mites. It may come as a shock that you are constantly in direct contact with millions of dust mites that live in your mattress, bedding, pillows, rugs, curtains, and most pieces of furniture.

In fact, the number of dust mites that can be found in your bedroom is alarming—even if you don't suffer from dust allergies. Here are some quick facts to give you an idea of the extent to which you are exposed to dust mites:
•A typical mattress can contain anywhere from tens of thousands to several million dust mites.
•Up to 10% of the weight of a two-year-old pillow is made up of dust mites.
•Nearly 100,000 dust mites can live in one square yard of your carpet.

As you can imagine, dust mites easily multiply wherever they find food—flakes of shed human skin cells and pet dander—which is often found in your mattress. Dust mites are not a consequence of poor cleanliness, as they can even be found in the cleanest of homes. While these critters can be difficult to exterminate, mattress sanitizing on a regular basis can eliminate them for an extended period of time, which can help improve your allergies.

A Closer Look at Dust Mites

Mites are undetectable to the human eye, but these eight-legged, translucent, hairy creatures look scary when put under the microscope. However, they are not parasites, as they do not live on humans or pets—they just eat flakes of shed skin cells. They are so tiny that they can crawl through the fabric of your bed, and they can live in temperatures of 68-77ºF with humidity levels of 70-80%.

Despite what you may think, the dust mites themselves are not the actual problem. The problem is a protein that is found in their digestive juices and excreted in their droppings.

In other words, it is the mites' feces that causes allergic reactions, and each mite generates at least 20 droppings per day. If you multiply this by the millions of dust mites that are likely living in your mattress, there's no wonder why your allergy symptoms won't go away. These allergens become airborne when you toss and turn during the night. In fact, movement in general causes them to spread quite easily.

Symptoms of Dust Mite Allergies

Over 20 million people suffer from dust mite allergies, according to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA). Since these allergies are so common, it is essential to understand how the human body reacts when it is exposed to dust mites and other allergens found in dust, including fungi and cockroach remains.

Mattress Sanitizing GraphicAllergic reactions start when an allergen is perceived as a threat by the immune system. As a consequence, the body releases histamines, which are antibodies that trigger responses aimed at getting rid of the threat. The most common responses are sneezing; rashes; runny nose; watery eyes; nasal congestion; itchy eyes, skin, or throat; and more serious reactions like asthma and nasal polyps.

Dust mite allergies can be caused by constant exposure to dust mites during the first year of your life, and they can be lifelong. Several years of exposure can result in progressive sensitization. Whatever the case may be, there is no cure for dust mite allergies—only control and prevention.

Getting Rid of Dust Mites with The GermoVac, The Shield, and the Brand New Organic Disinfectant

Dust mites are not easily eliminated due to their microscopic nature and fast reproduction. A good way to minimize the amount of dust mites and pet dander from your mattresses and bedding is with a mattress sanitizing service that combines UV light and an antimicrobial application, like Germinator Mobile Sanitizing & Disinfecting's state-of-the-art sanitizing services: The GermoVac, The Shield, and the Organic Disinfectant.

This winning combination guarantees that your mattresses, couches, and other pieces of furniture will be free from dust mites, their excretions, and other allergens like fungi. It is important to make sure that most or all the items in the affected area are treated, too. This will help keep your allergy symptoms under control, and it is not a difficult task for professionals like Germinator Mobile Sanitizing & Disinfecting! Sanitizing night tables, rugs, and even showers or walls is possible with The GermoVac and The Shield.

The first step is The GermoVac, which is scientifically proven in university and independent laboratory studies to eliminate 99.99% of viruses and harmful bacteria. It relies on short-wave UV light, a well-known and highly effective sanitizing agent.

The items in question are exposed to a powerful UV lamp that emits light that kills 99.99% of all germs and bacteria on contact, including allergens and particulate matter like dead skin, dust, dust mites, and their excrement. Then the vacuum eliminates all the debris and waste left behind. The GermoVac is suitable for all mattresses, including orthopedic ones.

The Shield perfectly complements The GermoVac. This safe, EPA-approved, virtual bio-barrier kills 99.99% of germs, bacteria, allergens, dust mites, and even mold for up to six months. It is applied with a powerful electrostatic sprayer to ensure precise coverage of the area that is being sanitized, regardless of its shape or size.

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The Shield covalently bonds to any surface. In other words, its molecules stick together to form a protective layer on the surfaces that have been sprayed. This bio-barrier creates an inhospitable environment for microorganisms, which is what keeps them at bay.

Additionally, The Shield forms a water barrier that further protects surfaces against harmful microorganisms and makes cleaning a lot easier. Once your mattress is sprayed with The Shield, it will dry in only ten minutes. There isn't a quicker or more effective way to keep your items disinfected.

Another excellent sanitizing option that Germinator Mobile Sanitizing & Disinfecting offers is Genesis, the organic disinfectant. This sanitizing application consists of a disinfectant broken down to micron level and applied with atomizing technology. The Organic disinfectant is 99.9999% effective at destroying germs and bacteria, destroying odors, and helping to control mold growth. Educational, health, and sports facilities can benefit from the use of the Organic Disinfectant to kill flu, norovirus, rhinoviruses, MRSA, and other health threats in a harmless way since it is safe for adults, children, and pets. Organic Disinfectant can be combined with The Shield for outstanding sanitization.

Germinator Mobile Sanitizing & Disinfecting Cares about Your Well-Being

Germinator Mobile Sanitizing & Disinfecting's mattress sanitizing services are completely safe for humans and pets. We strive to offer healthy, convenient, and effective sanitizing services to create a safer environment for you and your family.

From residential to commercial locations, we offer state-of-the-art sanitizing technology to prevent diseases and eradicate harmful microorganisms. Homes, hotels, hospitals, daycares, senior care facilities, schools, athletic facilities, and more can be made virtually germ-free, which can help give you the peace of mind and quality of life you deserve.

Stop suffering from sneezing, itching, watery eyes, runny nose, and endless nights without sleep! Protect yourself, your home, and your family from dust mites with Germinator Mobile Sanitizing & Disinfecting's swift, thorough bed sanitizing service. We come straight to your door. For more information about our services, fill out the form below, or call us at 855-NO-GERMZ (664-3769). Find us on Facebook at Germinator Mobile Sanitizing, and follow us on Twitter @GerminatorMS, and Instagram @GerminatorMS. If you want to stay up to day with the latest information about Germinator Mobile Sanitizing & Disinfecting, subscribe to our newsletter.

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