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If You Think Playgrounds Are Cleaner Than Public Restrooms, Think Again!

May 24, 2016

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One would think a children's playground is a relatively clean place, right? Think again! A number of studies have shown that playgrounds are actually dirtier than public restrooms. Why? It's simple – public restrooms are constantly cleaned in some sort of manner – even the one at the gas station on the I-20W – but playgrounds? Not so much! After all, who would think that the slides, trampolines, playsets, and playhouses that children play on are reservoirs for all kinds of bacteria and viruses? If you stop and think about it, then you'll realize it's not so far-fetched. Playgrounds are almost always outdoors, exposed to a number of visitors besides children like rats, squirrels, cats, pigeons, roaches, and other creatures that leave feces, urine, and any diseases they may carry as they go by. There is also the issue of kids' bodily fluids, such as phlegm, saliva, the occasional blood drop, etc. Here is where Tag.Link.Page.OzoneSanitizing comes in. Ozone is a powerful natural compound that can disinfect practically any item – no potentially harmful chemicals are necessary in the process. The importance of playground equipment sanitation, cleaning, and maintenance is often overlooked. So, whether they are in your neighborhood, park, fast-food restaurant, school, or your home's backyard, your child might be exposed to any number of dangerous germs.

Health researchers around the world have carried out studies evaluating the number of germs present in children's playgrounds, and the results have been consistent. In a study carried out in Europe, they found that high numbers of bacteria were continuously present in playgrounds, with more than 40% of playgrounds considered unsanitary and dangerous, according to minimum sanitary standards. Furthermore, according to ABC News, Good Morning America performed a little study themselves, collecting 60 samples from 12 playgrounds in four US cities and testing them at the NYU School of Medicine. According to the results, all samples contained fecal flora, while Salmonella, Shigella, Hepatitis A, E. coli and noroviruses were found in some of the samples. All of these can be ingested by our children when they put their hands in their mouths. While small amounts of bacteria can actually be beneficial, this is a risk that few are willing to take.

This doesn't mean you should stop taking your kids to the playground or dump the playsets, trampolines, and slides you might have at home. Playing is an important part of childhood. It helps kids develop motor skills as well as social skills, and playgrounds are an important part of that. They provide our children with the social interaction and physical challenges they need to become healthy adults.

Luckily, there is a simple, practical solution to playgrounds' germ issues. It's called The Germinator. When you see it coming, it looks like a simple moving truck, but inside you'll find cutting-edge technology that has changed the concept of healthy living. The Germinator is a mobile ozone sanitizing unit that, combined with a heating process, has been proven to eliminate 99.9% of viruses and harmful bacteria, leaving every item in your playground virtually germ-free. An advantage of our service is that you don't need to move the toys yourself, because The Germinator comes to you. We place the toys in the sanitizing chamber for 30 to 60 minutes, and voila! Clean toys for the children to enjoy. Also, because no liquid chemicals are used, the process is completely safe for both children and toys. There is no risk of leaving behind substances that could come into contact with your kids or potentially damage the playsets.

Now you can watch them play with your mind at ease, because the health risks they were exposed to have been drastically reduced. You can rest assured that your kids will be safe and your playground will be clean. Moreover, the Germinator can sanitize pretty much anything that fits in the chamber, so if you want to include other household, school, or office items, you can.

Our primary aim is to provide you and the ones around you with a healthier, safer, and more comfortable environment. So, if this sounds like something you want for your kids, give us a call at 855-NO-GERMZ (664-3769) or fill in the form below to contact our offices and find out more about the services we offer. Remember to always stay in touch by liking our page on Facebook at Germinator Mobile Sanitizing, and following us on Twitter @GerminatorMS and Instagram @GerminatorMS. If you want to stay tuned for the latest information about Germinator Mobile Sanitizing & Disinfecting, subscribe to our Newsletter.

ABC News

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