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Hidden Nasties in Hotel Rooms: 11 Items That May Need Bacteria Removal

April 15, 2016

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When staying at a hotel, people expect to stay in a clean room. Many will even make sure that the toilets have a sign indicating it has been disinfected. What most don't know is that a recent study, led by the University of Houston and presented at the American Society of Microbiology, confirmed that there are certain items in hotel rooms that are dirtier than toilets. TV remote controls, bedside lamp switches, telephones, alarm clocks, and other objects are magnets for bacteria that are beyond our vision! The most disconcerting part of the discovery was that some items used to clean, like sponges and mops, were highly contaminated, meaning that there may be a high degree of cross-contamination in hotel rooms.

Contaminated items in hotel rooms are a source of bacteria, viruses, and pests that can be responsible for the transmission of illness during outbreaks in hotels, especially for those who may have a weak immune system and are already more susceptible to infection. Studies have shown that the bacteria levels in hotel rooms are 2 to 10 times higher than the levels accepted in hospitals. Of course, hotel rooms don't need to be as clean as hospitals, and the presence of bacteria is not a guarantee that people will get sick, but it is something we should keep an eye on. With the levels of bacteria found in the most used items of hotel rooms and the high degree of cross-contamination, a Bacteria Removal service is the only way to guarantee that these items are 99.9% free of harmful bacteria. Below are the items that hotel managers should look for.

Item 1: Remote Controls
According to the studies, the dirtiest item in a hotel room is the TV's remote control. It registered sky-high levels of bacteria, 498 being the highest reading measured. One sample even revealed colonies of E. coli, indicating fecal contamination on the remote control. This was probably due to the fact that the guest used the restroom and didn't wash his hands.

Item 2: Bedside Light Switches
The second most germ-infested items were the bedside light switches. These are probably never cleaned. Let's face it, how many times have you cleaned your light switches? Just like you, hotel maids don't clean them either.

Item 3: Telephones
Phones are also teeming with bacteria. An analysis found that an average phone had 18 times more bacteria on it than the flush handle on a men's room toilet. Imagine that the guest before you had a cold and used the telephone to ask for room service to order a soup. Since the telephone is not a normal surface for maids to clean, when you use it, you will be picking up more than your messages.

Items 4-6: Water Glasses, Coffee Mugs and Ice Buckets
Normally maids just rinse the glasses and mugs, and others use the same cloth they used to clean the rest of the room. How gross can that be?

Items 7-9: The Decorative Bedspread, Throws, and Cushions
The bed is supposed to be the safest place in hotel rooms. The truth is that while most hotel rooms change the blankets on a daily basis, some items like the bedspreads, pillows, the extra blanket in the closet, and cushions are left out.

Items 10-11: Sponges and Mops
Sponges and mops on hotel housekeepers' cart are also highly contaminated. The worst part is that maids clean the toilet with a sponge, and then they go and clean the counter, other items, and other rooms with that same sponge. This represents a high risk of cross-contamination.

It is true that not all germs and bacteria present in a hotel room will make you sick. However, the exposure to any pathogens can raise the risk for getting sick, especially if you are immunocompromised. If you are undergoing chemo, pregnant, suffer from respiratory diseases, or have HIV, you are susceptible. Bacteria removal measures will prevent the proliferation bacteria, viruses, and allergens, as they can't survive an ozone sanitizing treatment.

Germinator Mobile Sanitizing can turn contaminated hotel rooms into a healthy environment that every guest will love to stay in. It's very simple: once The Germinator shows up at your hotel, it will only take within 30 – 60 minutes to clean each room. We just load the items you wish to sanitize into our unit and then return them once they've been sanitized. Our process uses ozone and heat to sanitize and disinfect items. Studies have shown that our bacteria removal process eliminates 99.9% harmful bacteria, viruses, and allergens, making your hotel rooms a clean and safe place to stay. It also destroys bedbugs, lice, and dust mites.

Our goal is to create a healthier, safer, and more comfortable environment for you, your family, and your co-workers. Call us today at 855-NO-GERMZ (664-3769) or fill out the form below to schedule a bacteria removal service with The Germinator!


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