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A Parent's Worst Nightmare: Opening Their Children's Sports Bags

May 05, 2016

Having your children practice some kind of sport is a perfect way towards a healthy lifestyle. Sports help children develop their physical skills, make new friends, become a team player, and improve their self-esteem. Some studies even suggest that participating in youth sports may boost children's academic performance. This is great for parents. Who doesn't want their kid to be in great shape, be in the spotlight, and have outstanding academic performance? But not everything is peaches and cream. There is a downside to all of the wonderful benefits of youth sports one that some parents face weekly and others face on a daily basis: their children's sports bags. Opening up a sports bag is nothing but repulsive, especially when it has a funky smell. No matter how much you wash the sports gear and the bag, the smell just won't go away. It seems as though the smell sticks to the fabric after each wash. This is not because the detergent you're using doesn't work - it's because your children's sports gear is full of germs, bacteria, and even mold that a common detergent can't get rid of. If you have tried everything and your children's sports bags and gear still has a funky smell, don't throw it away. It might just need a Germ Removal treatment.

Sports equipment bags are a breeding ground for bacteria. Germs and bacteria feast on the chemicals in sweat, turning them into intense odors. Putting sweaty gear into your sports bag is like opening the gates of heaven for bacteria. They will spread, multiply, and infect everything with a disgusting odor. Over time, the smells (and what's causing them) can even make your children sick. Imagine your children touching their sports bag, full of germs and bacteria, and then touching their face or putting on a stinky helmet. They will surely catch something else besides the ball!

So, you've tried all kinds of methods of germ and odor removal and nothing has worked. As a responsible parent, your first reaction might be to throw the sports bag and gear away and buy everything again. But that will be useless, unless you want to do it repeatedly. The best way to remove the germs and bacteria present in your children's sports bags and gear is with ozone sanitizing.

Ozone is a natural gas that has strong oxidizing properties. It is 3,000 times more effective than bleach for killing germs and bacteria. It is a dry process, so children's bags and gear as well as any other item, uniform, or piece of equipment you wish to sanitize won't be compromised by getting wet.

Our unique service brings The Germinator right to your door, and once it arrives, it does all the dirty work for you. The Germinator blasts ozone at a high velocity in the safety of a completely sealed, hi-tech vehicle. This lets the ozone get into hard-to-reach places to wipe out all the threats from the source. It is a very fast and cost-effective process. It will only take 30 to 60 minutes to sanitize all your equipment. Ozone will drastically eliminate 99% of the germs and bacteria present in your children's sports bags as well as other items you put in The Germinator.

The treatment will not only remove germs, but will also get rid of different kinds of odors and will inhibit the growth of mold and fungi. The best part of our ozone sanitizing process is that it can be used in all kinds of settings including residential, commercial, and industrial areas and for all kinds of equipment. Almost anything you can imagine can go in The Germinator and get sanitized.

If you are having trouble removing germs from your children's sports bags, don't despair call us! You can also fill out the form below to contact Germinator Mobile Sanitizing to get a quick sanitizing service, today! Our goal is to create a healthier, safer, and more comfortable environment for you, your family, and your children's teammates.