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Mattress Sanitizing

Are you looking for a professional mattress sanitizing service? Germinator Mobile Sanitizing is a highly advanced, one-of-a-kind technology for sanitizing a wide variety of items found in commercial and residential buildings, making Germinator Mobile Sanitizing your best choice for mattress sanitizing in the United States. Our Mobile Sanitizing is an innovation in mattress sanitizing, and can render almost any item virtually bacteria free. Our mattress sanitizing service is most often needed in hotels and hospitality, resorts, hospitals, health care providers, and residential homes. Best of all, your mattresses will be sanitized on-location, in just 30-60 minutes.

We use the most advanced technology in the mattress sanitizing industry. Our advanced mobile sanitizing technology is powered by ozone and heat. Ozone is a naturally occurring compound which safely and cleanly sanitizes mattresses and other items. Ozone technology is commonly used for sanitizing, and it is safe, 100% organic, and the process uses no liquid chemicals to sanitize mattresses.

Our mattress sanitizing service eliminates germs, harmful bacteria, and viruses. It also destroys odors, leaving your mattress sanitized and clean smelling.

When you contact Germinator Mobile Sanitizing about a mattress sanitizing service, The Germinator will arrive at your location. Our professionals will load your mattresses into The Germinator to be sanitized. They will seal the mattresses and any other items you need into The Germinator. In 30-60 minutes, your mattresses will be virtually germ free. After your mattress sanitizing service is complete, our professionals will unload the items and return them to their original spot in your workplace or home.

If your mattress is infested with pests or bedbugs, you should make sure the area surrounding the mattress is also bedbug free. Once sanitized, the mattress must be returned to a bedbug-free home to prevent re-infestation.

If you need a swift, thorough mattress sanitizing service that comes straight to your door, contact Germinator Mobile Sanitizing via the form below, or call us at 855-NO-GERMZ (664-3769), today!